DAMOCLES / Data Management /Database June 24. 2011


Metadata Search
Use this to search planned and actual datasets. The planned datasets are taken from the electronic user questionnaire that was circulated early 2006.
File Upload
Use this to upload files interactively or to perform a compliance test of a file.
THREDDS Data Server access to data repository (OpeNDAP and HTTP support currently)
Learn more about THREDDS Data Server
Read more on OpeNDAP at http://www.opendap.org/faq/whatIsDods.html.
The structure of the data repository reflects the institution that uploaded the dataset, not the owner of the dataset.
FTP access to data repository
This is available upon request for users that need operational data streams. See contact information.

Important information

The present version of the database is still under development and functionality will be added or might change. Concerning submission of datasets, the interactive upload function is handling data using UTF-8, some problem with other character encoding have been reported and our team is working hard to fix this bug. Please be aware if you submit datasets containing special characters and send us a message at damocles[the_usual_symbol]met.no if you can't find the data you have submitted within 48 hours.

All metadata, both those describing planned activities and those reflecting performed data collection activities, are free for everbody to search. Concerning the actual data, some of these are at present protected by passwords and only available to the project team while some other data may have a data policy making them available only to IPY scientists. Members of the project team, please contact damocles[the_usual_symbol]met.no by email if you have lost this. In order to upload files you have to register.